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Top Cut Central - V Pokemon & Deck Box Lot

NM-Mint, 19 in stock
  • Description

    1 Pokémon V Card - The newest Ultra Rares!

    1 Factory sealed 10-card Pokémon Booster Pack.

    6 Randomly assorted Pokémon Rare Cards, & 5 Randomly assorted Pokémon Holo or Reverse Holo Cards, 20 Randomly assorted Pokémon Common or Uncommon Cards.

    1 Random Color Deck Box & 1 Exclusive Top Cut Central Dice.

    All cards are 100% AUTHENTIC and are pulled directly from Pokémon booster packs.


    Product Includes the following:

    • 1 Pokémon V Card
    • 1 Pokémon Booster Pack
    • 6 Pokémon Rare Cards
    • 5 Pokémon Holo or Reverse Holo Cards
    • 20 Pokémon Common or Uncommon Cards
    • 1 Random Color Deck Box
    • 1 Top Cut Central Exclusive Dice








    IMPORTANT: Your lot might contain cards from one of the pictures, but the photos are NOT of the specific cards in this listing but rather the specific type of cards (i.e. V, Mega, GX, EX, etc.). Listing created and custom bundled by Top Cut Central. All Trademark and copyright belong to the original respective manufacturer.

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