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Bulk for Boxes


We are preselling and trading sealed product for the following prices:

Booster Boxes: $92.00 / Booster Cases: $510.00 / Elite Trainer Kits: $34.99 

 If interested in sending us Bulk please fill out the following form:



 Current Bulk Rates:

Bulk C/U: $0.0368. / $36.80 per thousand

Bulk Reverse C/U: $0.07 / $70 per 1,000 cards

Bulk Rares: $0.06 / $60 per 1,000 cards

Bulk Rares over 100HP: $0.10 / $100 per 1,000 cards

Bulk Holo/Reverse Rares: $0.08 / $80 per 1,000 cards

Bulk EX & GX: $1.00 each

Bulk V: $1.25 each

Bulk Mega EX: $1.50 Each 


Top Cut Central Bulk Policy



Please ensure that all cards are separated by rarity (Common/Uncommon; Rare; etc).We are currently accepting cards from any English Non-World Championship card sets. The cards must be in NM condition, and English language. We understand that English Pokemon cards aren't always perfect right out of the pack, but they should be in at least the same condition they were in when the pack was opened. Any cards that we receive that are in a lower condition than NM will not be accepted. Unacceptable cards will be subtracted from the total and disposed. If an order contains a significant enough quantity of unacceptable cards so as to require a more detailed sorting process to remove them, the order will be subject to a 20% surcharge to offset the additional time and labor involved on our end.


When preparing your bulk for shipping, count it into stacks of 100, sorted by rarity. The different rarities are C/UC, Reverse Holo C/UC, Rare/Holo Rare/Reverse Holo Rare 90HP and less, Rare/Holo Rare/ Reverse Holo Rare 100HP and over. 

Wrap the stacks in something that will hold it together, but not damage the cards. Options for this include plastic wrap and/or printer paper. It's helpful to label each stack with its contents, but not absolutely necessary.

Packaging for Shipment:

Place the stacks in the shipping box as neatly as possible, preferably with some sort of padding or bubble wrap lining the box. Once all the stacks are inside, fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, etc. This is will keep the stacks from banging around in the box and into each other. Any orders that arrive in a damaged state due to improper packing will be subject to the same 20% surcharge mentioned above, due to the significant increase in time and labor required of us to process the order or outright refused.


The cheapest way to ship is almost always using USPS priority flat rate boxes. 

A Medium Flat Rate box will hold up to 4000 cards if packed just right, and costs $13.95 to ship. 

A Large Flat Rate box will hold over 6000 cards, and costs $18.95 to ship. 

Priority Flat Rate shipping also includes free tracking, as well as a minimal amount of included insurance. Additional insurance can be purchased from the USPS for a small fee, and is highly recommended, but not required. 

Final Steps:

 All orders must be shipped to the following address:


Top Cut Central

ATTN: Pokemon Bulk

5600 N 2nd Street

Loves Park, IL 61111


Please be sure to include in your package a piece of paper that has your name and the count/rarity of the cards included.

Once we receive the cards, we will process the order within 2-3 business days (The vast majority of orders take 2-3 business days or less to process, but can take a few days longer if a higher volume of orders are received at the same time), assuming they were packed and sorted as specified. This includes a quick count and verification of the condition of the cards.

If the cards are unsorted, they will be assumed to be of the lowest rarity, and paid out as such.

Payment will be sent via PayPal, check or a finalized Bulk for Boxes order immediately after processing.