We are preselling and trading sealed product for the following prices:

Booster Boxes - $95 PayPal or $90 for Bulk Trade-in
Elite Trainer Kits - $35.00 or $32.00 for Bulk Trade-in
Both Theme Decks - $22.00 or $20.00 for Bulk Trade-in

Rates for Trade-in are:
-Commons and Uncommons - $0.06 each 
-Reverse Commons and Uncommons - $0.10 each
-Reverse Rares - $0.10 Each
-Rares - $0.11 Each
-Holo Rares - $0.17 Each
-Bulk LV. X, EX, Full Art, or Shining - $1.00 Each
-Bulk Break - $0.50 Each

That's only 1500 C/U for a box!!! We will be taking preorders up to the release date. Keep in mind that we will continue taking orders after the set releases.

Also, if anyone is still looking for XY Evolutions Booster Boxes, we have some sitting here waiting for more bulk! Feel free to keep sending in your bulk trade-in for these as well.

All bulk must be received prior to your preorders or orders being shipped out. Please ensure that all cards are separated by rarity (Common/Uncommon; Rare; etc).
When a new set releases we will offer the following promotion.

The top supporter that ships in the largest amount of cards will receive an additional Booster Box of Sun and Moon. We will also be entering everyone that preorders with us into a raffle for an Elite Trainer Kit from Sun and Moon.


All orders will need to be shipped to:

Top Cut Central

ATTN: Poke Bulk Preorders

2430 South Alpine Rd

Rockford, IL 61108

When mailing your packages, please insert a printed message referencing this post with your Facebook name and your shipping address . Please PM our Top Cut Central Facebook page or email us at stephan@topcutcomics.com before sending your packages.

Accept Credit Cards